Meet the Team



Courtney, Patient Care Coordinator

I love meeting and building friendships with our patients and their families. Because we work hard to establish long-term relationships with people, I get to learn about their lives and interests. Each day means new, interesting conversations with people I care about, and I love it!

I work at our front desk, greeting people as they arrive. I check them in and update their paperwork. I also check patients out and make sure they are happy with everything that happened during their visit. My other duties include filing insurance and scheduling.


Cheryl, Office Manager

I’ve had the pleasure of being part of the Southwest Dental Care team for almost 20 years and have loved every minute. Not only do we have incredible doctors and team members, but we have the most amazing patients. I love seeing a whole family come in for the checkups and cleanings. I love the smiles we restore to patients’ faces. Most of all, I love that we make a lasting difference for great people.

I strive to keep our office running smoothly, allowing the doctors and team to focus on delivering exceptional care. I also help patients with their financial needs, so they can achieve their dental goals.


Maria, Dental Assistant

I love working with a team of people who are all committed to delivering the best care to the best people: our patients. There is always laughter in our office and I know that helps our patients relax and feel safe here. It’s important that patients know we’re here to help them achieve their smile goals and that we’ll do so gently and painlessly.

As a dental assistant, I help patients during their visits. I prepare them to see the doctor, explain what we’ll be doing, and then sit chairside. I make sure the doctor has everything needed and work as a second pair of hands for him. My focus, though, is on the comfort of our patient. I want them to feel pampered and at home.


Kurstin, Dental Assistant

I enjoy making our patients feel comfortable and earning their trust. It’s important each person knows this is a safe place and that they can relax here, because we offer painless dental care. I help our patients during their visits. I seat them in the chair, make sure they’re comfortable, and prep them for the doctor.

Then I work chairside, assisting the doctor while telling our patient what we’re doing. I make sure they’re comfortable and okay. At the end of a visit, I provide post-op instructions and answer questions. I also ask if the patient is happy and if there’s anything they need. I love it when a patient smiles and thanks me at the end of a visit.

Beatriz, Dental Assistant

I love helping and getting to know people. We care for patients of all ages and my days are filled with wonderful conversations and a lot of laughter.

As one of our dental assistants, I help patients during their visits. I set-up for procedures and take X-rays. Sitting chairside, I prepare the patient to see the doctor and explain what he’ll be doing. Then I support the doctor and patient during the procedure, making sure our patient is comfortable. At the end, I offer home care instructions and answer any questions a patient might have.


Stephanie, Dental Hygienist

I enjoy meeting new people and visiting with our established patients. I love helping each person with their specific dental needs and concerns, and alleviating any anxiety they might have. Today’s dental care is truly pain-free, and I make sure my patients are comfortable throughout their dental cleaning.

While I take X-rays, perform oral health assessments, and review a person’s medical history, I also talk about their dental health. Each person has unique clinical and lifestyle concerns. I focus on the steps the individual can take at home that will improve their dental hygiene and their smile.



Kristen, Dental Hygienist

I love getting to meet a diverse group of people and build relationships with each. Helping people I care about develop beautiful, happy smiles is extremely rewarding. My primary goal is giving each patient a comfortable and positive experience.

I take X-rays, clean teeth, and promote dental health. I help people understand how oral health affects the body’s overall wellness. Once a person understands the connection, they’re willing to make positive changes in their life. I give them the skills, tools, and knowledge to take great control of their smile.


Nicki, Dental Hygienist

I love the relationships that form with my patients. It’s a pleasure to help them improve and take control of their dental health. I perform oral health assessments and dental cleanings. I also take X-rays and update each patient’s health history.

A lot of my day is focused on education. During their visit, I talk with a patient about their unique dental health. I explain any areas of concern and together we figure out the best home hygiene processes that will work for their needs. I also educate patients about good nutrition and how to establish positive habits. Seeing a healthy smile at a recall visit makes my day!

Leanne, Dental Hygienist

I enjoy the relationships I develop with our patients. Being able to help people I care about with their oral and overall health is rewarding. Listening to and talking with my patients during visits is what I look forward to the most.

I provide thorough, gentle teeth cleanings and nonsurgical periodontal therapy. I also update patients’ health histories. Much of my time is spent teaching patients about oral health and hygiene, and how it affects their whole body. We work together to find the products and techniques patients can use at home to improve their smile health.

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